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dichotomous - 3 Homo ichthysmorphe B No fingers Go to C C...

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A. Mostly green Go to B B. Hair Go to C C. Big 9) Capillus macros C. Small 13) Capillus micros B. No hair Go to C C. Fins 1) Durus photosynthesis C. No fins Go to D D. Algae-shape 4) Paliurus aquatriticus D. No Algae-shape 12) Paliurus venenifer A. Mostly not green Go to B B. Five fingers per arm Go to C C. 4 arms 5) Homo quattuorbrachio C. tentacles 6) Homo lentesco C. fins instead of legs
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Homo ichthysmorphe B. No fingers Go to C C. Bones and fins 2) Migrus amoibenimbphagein C. No bones and fins Go to D D. Almond-shaped body 7) Anossis phageinhomofimus D. 2 body part 8) Anossis aquaingens D. needle-shaped mouth 10) Hemophagein homohemo D. 10 legs 11) Hemophagein murishemo D. curved mouth 14) Anossis vacuusvenenum...
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