outline2 - 2 Food pyramid in Mississippi in terms of food...

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Effects of Katrina Hurricane in Mississippi I. Introduction A. Short description of Katrina Hurricane B. Short description of Mississippi’s biodiversity C. The effect of Katrina Hurricane on the biodiversity of Mississippi D. Thesis – Katrina has destroyed the biodiversity of Mississippi by means of destruction of food chain, infectious diseases, and pollution. II. The location and special features of Mississippi A. Geographical features 1. Relative location 2. Climate 3. Natural features c) Forests such as De Soto forest or Petrified Forest B. Historical information III. Mississippi’s Biodiversity A. Introduction of organisms in Mississippi B. Food web in Mississippi 1. Rules of each organisms
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Food pyramid in Mississippi in terms of food web 3. How food web balances the biodiversity. IV. How Katrina Hurricane affected the biodiversity A. The details of Katrina 1. How and when it happened, and how it differs in New Orleans B. The effects of Katrina 1. The effects in biodiversity 2. The reasons for those effects a. Wiping out due to the flood b. Destruction in the food chain, infectious diseases, pollution, etc C. The human efforts to retrieve the biodiversity V . Conclusion A. Short summary on what has been discussed B. As we learned much information on the destruction of the biodiversity by the natural disaster, we people should find a way to protect the biodiversity....
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outline2 - 2 Food pyramid in Mississippi in terms of food...

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