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JOUR 2403 Test One Study Guide - Reasons why advertising...

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Reasons why advertising matter - “it knows our secret” – strategic planning - one of the drives of the world economy - may be one of the most powerful art forms on earth - inescapable and cant be killed Creative revolution - Was about totally different ad’s and ideas - Used visuals in a new way - Added new dimensions to the copy - Started with “Think Small” (Volkswagen) - Result of Bernbach’s approach to advertising. - Approach was to have a single message and repeat it as often as possible - Ended in the early 1970’s for its demise are an economic recession and the mergers of many big advertising agencies. - Intelligence Oddvertising - A post modern form of advertising showcasing baffling messages, extreme scenarios, and where anything can happen - non-linear, offensive, extreme, odd, lack of strategy - Cliff Freeman was leader of movement - gerbil ad started oddvertising craze - Money was plenty so lots of risks were being taken Visual style - 1990’s - more stylized concept Visual language - Change consumers and media = change in communication - 1980’s - less says more Web 2.0 - Allowed consumer generated content to occur o Youtube videos: Kelli & Her Shows; Diet Coke & Mento’s - Changed the media and advertising world in 2004 *Convergence - Different technologies existing together - Altering the landscape by providing personalized consumption, tracking of consumers and giving consumers the ability to bypass advertising messages Planned and unplanned communication The benefits of the different marketing communication choices ADVERTISING - SALE PROMOTIONS DIRECT MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS CAUSE MARKETING
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EVENT MARKETING Traditional and new communication models Types of marketers Packaged goods, service, retail, durable SERVICE - products that don’t have physical, not tangible - ex: insurance, banking, credit cards PACKAGED GOODS - ex: coke, shampoo, soap - things that we use daily DURABLE GOODS - car, computers, phones RETAIL *Commercialism - Our need for meaning - Marketing and commodifaction - Advertising is the heart of commercialism Commercial speech - What our culture shares (clutter) Positioning - The war we want consumers to think about our brand - ex: Volvo = safety; Apple = creativity - Helps consumers to think about a brand in a particular way - Rise of parity products prompted an increase in positioning Associated value - Increasing the value of a product by associating the product with one of established value. (Pear Soap) - The link between celebrity personality and brand communication *Parity Products - Machine made - Interchangeable *Constructive discontent - Advertising for VW - Selling the need - Gerard Lambert: created the problem (halitosis) and a cure (Listerine) *Preemptive reason why - Pepsodent - Claude Hopkins: why a consumer should choose your brand over a parity product. -
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JOUR 2403 Test One Study Guide - Reasons why advertising...

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