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Bio 1209 Lab Report - Daniel Richard Tracy Hmeilowski BIO...

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Daniel Richard Tracy Hmeilowski BIO 1209 Section 1 Lab Report We conducted this experiment to determine how the pH and chlorophyll levels affect the four lake sites that surround us every day on campus. We should know how these bodies of water have an effect on the environment that we encounter every time we attend a function on campus. Our group conducted this experiment by taking the pH and chlorophyll levels from each of the four lakes during the fall season and compared them to measure the acidity levels. Our major results concluded that all of the bodies of water that were tested had neutral to slightly basic pH levels. Also, both the pH levels and the chlorophyll levels increased at all sites except for the Bayou. Human activities have severely affected the condition of freshwater systems worldwide. The lack of access to clean water continues to be a leading cause of illness and death in much of the developing world. The capacity of freshwater ecosystems to support biodiversity is highly degraded at a global level, with many freshwater species facing rapid population declines or extinction. (Henninger 2000) High levels of chlorophyll often indicate poor water quality and low levels often suggest good conditions. It is natural for chlorophyll levels to fluctuate over time, and it is not necessarily a bad thing if there are elevated chlorophyll levels. (Duarte 1995) The levels of pH can greatly affect the life in a body of water especially if the levels are too high or low. In some occurrences, plants and organisms could instantly suffer if the levels are too high. ( Wang 2003 ) The purpose of the study was to determine the factors that impact
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Bio 1209 Lab Report - Daniel Richard Tracy Hmeilowski BIO...

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