English Essay #1 - Helen Wang English 124 A9 Essay Draft...

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Helen Wang English 124 A9 Essay Draft The written word forms the foundation for most methods of communication; without it, civilization could never communicate through letters, books, e-mails, advertisements, and so on. However, to express a message effectively through text, the word choice, text length, text style, and content appropriate for the targeted audience must be considered. Many businesses consider these details when they are communicating through text; however, these characteristics of text play the largest role and are chosen meticulously in the advertising industry. In a classic Tipalet pro- smoking advertisement, the advertising company combines a visual image of a beautiful girl attracted by a man smoking a Tipalet cigarette with a sexist sentence in its commercial to communicate its message to the targeted audience: men. The use of an alluring picture draws the audience's attention, and then the text, "Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere," sells the cigarettes by manipulating the audiences’ desires. Tipalet’s advertisement chooses the details of the text specifically for its audience, thus conveying the message of the ad directly to men. No matter how sexist Tipalet’s advertisement may be, the sexist content of the text not only directs the message to the specified audience, but also successfully fulfills the purpose of this ad: selling cigarettes by igniting a craving the viewers’ may have and forcing the
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English Essay #1 - Helen Wang English 124 A9 Essay Draft...

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