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Trimble 1 Ryan Trimble English 1020 Dr. Mackin 15 December 2009 Proud To Be A Pi Kapp: A Man of CLASS One of the best ways to get to know someone is to spend time with them. I think about the people that I spend time with, all the little things I know, like how my friend Jimmy would take Jack In The Box 99 cent tacos over five star Mexican or how the perfect cheese burger in paradise couldn't exist if Styke couldn't use an entire bottle of ketchup to consume it. A thing like Johnson’s favorite football team is the Patriots and Ben's is the Bills. Or that Barrett is training to be a pilot and Joseph goal is to be a DEA agent. Through time you learn a lot about the people around you, and yet the person I have been around my entire life, myself I can't seem to define. At first I tried to rattle off every little experience I can relate to myself, starting chronologically all the way back from before I was born. The problem aside from that being impossible to squeeze into a 2000 word paper is that I didn't feel it really explained, at all, who I think I really am. Maybe it’s the control freak inside of me but I believe that there are few things in this life that we have absolute control over and one of those is who we are and who we choose to be. Throughout life we all experience many things and while a lot of the times we can't control what is happening, we can control our reactions to them. Dustin Carter, you may have heard of him, he was famous for competing in high school wrestling after losing all four of his limbs to an infection. While he didn't win a lot of tournaments, he did surprise a lot of people that despite his situation he could still compete. He may be known because of what he doesn't have but it's how he chose it to affect him that best defines who he is.
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Trimble 2 So if I am not defined by my experiences how do I define myself? I think back to who I do know, such as those I mentioned earlier. My closest friends, which also happen to be my fraternity brothers. As the saying goes you are who you associate with. Like me they made a choice when they joined our organization, a choice that has played a big part of whom I am now and who I strive to be. In my fraternity we have what we call the five tenants of CLASS: character, leadership, academics, sportsmanship and service. Which if you take their first initials of each tenant it spells the acronym CLASS. As the saying goes, be a man of class. For me it all starts with character. It is at the top of the list when it comes to my value system. Character is defined as the qualities of honesty and courage or the like. A lack or fault of character can destroy or at least greatly diminish all of the good things one has accomplished. Take for instance Bill Clinton, what will we remember most? That he was the President that
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Ryan Trimble - Trimble 1 Ryan Trimble English 1020 Dr...

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