lead - Over the past few years I have particpated in an...

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Over the past few years I have particpated in an organization called Push America. Push America is a organization that was founded and run by my fraternity that performs many functions to serve the need of people with disabilities. Since volunteering to help those with disabilities I feel that I have learned through these experiences alot about leadership and have grown a lot as a person as well. For this article I choose to talk about an event I was involved with recently called an Empathy dinner. It is one of my favorite events to help coordinate and has plenty of examples of servant leadership at its best. Empathy Dinner Description An empathy dinner is a semi formal dinner that is usually put on by the brothers of a chapter of Pi Kappa Phi. Like many other dinner put on by fraternities thee are lots of fraternity men and sorrity girl dressed there best and having a nice meal. What is different in an empathy dinner is that each person is given a temporary disability for the duration of the dinner as well as information of said disability with the purpose of building empathy and awareness of the challenges faced by people that live with disabilities everyday. My Role My primary role for the dinner was to facilitate the Empathy activty portion of the dinner. Before the dnner started I had prepared 5x7 notecards which listed facts and information
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lead - Over the past few years I have particpated in an...

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