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What year are you in and what is your anticipated graduation date? 2010 to 2012 What is your major and minor? Marketing Major, Minors in Leadership and Business Administration Are you planning on pursuing a graduate degree? What will the degree be in and what schools are you applying to? Right now I'm not, but if I do I would most likely apply to MTSU, university of South Carolina or USF. What leadership roles have you had in your life and what organizations are you involved in at MTSU? Early in my life I was the leader for youth for central Florida for the Lutheran church. Last year I held the title of Vice Archon (Vice President) and continue now to provide help and guidance anyway I can. What type of service work have you done and about how many hours a month do you dedicate to service? Most of the community service work I do is related to helping people with disabilities. As to the amount of hours per month its hard to say, it depends on how much time I can get off work. In 2007 I'd say I had around 400 hours of community service, around 200 in 2008 and around 30 so
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