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Debugging Code Visual Basic 2008 Break Points A break point is a place in the code where execution will be paused for debugging. Break points are set on specific line of code. The program will pause just before that line of code is executed. Setting a Break Point 1. Place cursor on a line of code. 2. Press F9. 3. A break point symbol appears to the left of the line of code. Clearing a Break Point 1. Place cursor on a line of code where a break point has been set. 2. Press F9. 3. The break point symbol is removed from the line of code. Options when Execution is Paused 1. The contents of variables and properties can be examined by hovering the mouse pointer over the name in the code.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The current line of code can be executed by pressing F8 (Step Into) or by clicking the Step Into icon on the toolbar, and then execution of the code will stop again. 3. The execution of the code can be continued by pressing F5 or by clicking the Continue icon on the toolbar. 4. The execution of the code can stopped by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Break or by clicking the Stop icon on the toolbar. Step Into, Step Over, and Step Out of There are three different Step commands that can be used. The main difference is in how they handle independent sub procedures, which are not going to be covered in this class. For this class, Step Into is the only necessary Step command....
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