Lab 2 _Gift Card_ - Visual Basic 2008 Programming...

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Programming Assignment #2 (60 Points) PROJECT SUMMARY Create an application that displays a splash screen and then allows the user to build a simple gift card. The user will select a size, color, and value for the gift card. Create the user interface shown on the last 2 pages using the naming and appearance guidelines provided below. In addition, this assignment requires a TOE Chart to be submitted that summarizes the tasks, objects, and events your application is designed around. Pages #71-76 in your textbook provide instructions on how to complete a TOE chart. Any time you see XXX in the instructions below, replace the XXX with your 3 initials. As you work through this assignment, be sure to save your work frequently, using Save All. 1. Use a word processor or spreadsheet to create the TOE chart. Name your document Gift Card TOE Chart (XXX).doc (the file extension will vary depending on the software used.) 2. Setup the initial VB environment (as described on page #30 of the textbook): Select Always show Error List if build finishes with errors Select Always show solution Select Save new projects when created Deselect Show Output window when build starts 3. Open a New Project in Visual Basic 2008. 4. If needed, select Windows Forms Application template 5. Name your project Gift Card Project (XXX) 6. The Location will be somewhere on the local hard drive or on a Flash Drive (files created on the network drives have occasionally had “technical issues”). 7. Name your solution Gift Card Solution (XXX) If needed, Select Create directory for solution APPEARANCE Form Title bar of form displays Gift Card Program (XXX) Leave the form with its default background color of light gray. The font of the form should be set to Tahoma, regular. When the program first starts, the form is to appear centered on the screen. The size of the form should be 500 x 600. The form should be named MainForm_XXX The form file should be named Gift Card XXX.vb Table Layout Panel The size of the Table Layout Panel is 412 x 167, positioned at Y = 300, and centered horizontally in the form. The 3 rows and 4 columns are to have percentage sizes of 33.33% and 25.00% as appropriate.
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Lab 2 _Gift Card_ - Visual Basic 2008 Programming...

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