Lab 4 (Random Numbers)

Lab 4 (Random Numbers) - Visual Basic 2008 Programming...

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Visual Basic 2008 Programming Assignment #4 (65 Points) PROJECT SUMMARY Create an application that allows the user to mimic the flip of a coin, the roll of two 6-sided die (dice), and generate 6 random lottery numbers between 1 and 54 inclusive. Depending on which button is clicked, additional information (specific to that button) will be displayed to the user. Create the user interface shown on the last 4 pages using the naming and appearance guidelines provided below. This assignment does NOT require a TOE Chart. Create a new folder called Chap4 to store both your application/solution/project in. Any time you see XXX in the instructions below, replace the XXX with your 3 initials. 1. Name your project Random Nums Project (XXX) 2. Name your solution Random Nums Solution (XXX) APPEARANCE Form Title bar of form displays Fun with Random Numbers (XXX) The font of the form should be set to Segoe UI, regular, 12pt before any objects are added to the form. (If Segoe UI Is not available, use Tahoma, regular, 12pt for the form instead) BackColor of form is up to you. You can leave it default or change it if you want. When the program first starts, the form is to appear centered on the screen. The size of form should be approximately 650 x 525. The form should be named MainForm_XXX The form file should be named Flip Roll Lotto XXX.vb Labels This program has 5 labels. Set the text properties as shown in the GUI. The top 4 are centered horizontally within the form. Select meaningful names for labels used by the program code. Use camel case when naming. Note that the 2 answer labels have borders and are not AutoSized. Any output displayed is centered both vertically and horizontally within the 2 labels. Buttons This program has 4 buttons. Set the text properties and access keys as shown in the GUI. Select meaningful names for buttons used by the program code. Use camel case when naming. All 4 buttons should be the same size. In addition, the 3 top buttons should have their tops aligned,
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Lab 4 (Random Numbers) - Visual Basic 2008 Programming...

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