CSE 332 Data and IO Studio - CSE 332 Studio Session on C...

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CSE 332 Studio Session on C++ Data Representation, Storage, and Movement These studio exercises are intended to gain familiarity with basic C++ data input, output, storage, and movement concepts and techniques, some of which may be somewhat familiar from your previous programming experience, and to add details specific to C++ that may not be obvious at first glance. In this studio you will again work in groups of 2 or 3 people. Students who are more familiar with the material are encouraged to help those who are less familiar with it and asking questions of your professor and teaching assistants during the studio sessions is highly encouraged as well. Please record your answers you work through the following exercises. After you have finished please post your answers to the required exercises, and to any of the enrichment exercises you completed, to the course message board, as a reply to my posting titled “Data and IO Studio”. The enrichment exercises are optional but are a good way to dig into the material a little deeper, especially if you breeze through the required ones. PART I: REQUIRED EXERCISES 1. Form a team of 2 or 3 people of your choice (we’ll shuffle the team assignments starting next time, with this week’s list as the starting point) and write down the names of the team members as the answer to this exercise. 2. Log into one of the studio lab’s Windows machines, open up Visual Studio 2008, and create a new Win32 Console Application project (for example, named DataStudio or something similar that identifies which studio this is for). Change the signature of the main function to be int main (int argc, char * argv[]) and add a line that prints out position 0 of argv
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CSE 332 Data and IO Studio - CSE 332 Studio Session on C...

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