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CSE 332 Functions Classes and Templates Studio

CSE 332 Functions Classes and Templates Studio - CSE 332...

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CSE 332 Studio Session on C++ Functions, Classes, and Templates Before we dig into the details of C++ functions, classes, and templates over the rest of the semester, these studio exercises are intended to give an introduction to using these common (and useful) C++ features, and to give you experience using their related ideas and techniques within the Visual C++ environment. In this studio you should again work in groups of 2 or 3, selected at will. As before, students who are more familiar with the material are encouraged to help those for whom it is less familiar. Asking questions of your professor and teaching assistant (as well as of each other) during the studio sessions is highly encouraged as well. Please record your answers as you work through the following exercises. After you have finished please post your answers to the required exercises, and to any of the enrichment exercises you completed, to the course message board as a reply to my posting titled “Functions, Classes, and Templates Studio”. The enrichment exercises are optional but are a good way to dig into the material a little deeper, especially if you breeze through the required ones. PART I: REQUIRED EXERCISES 1. Find your team members in the studio area, sit down at/around and log in to one of the Windows
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