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CSE 332 Lab 1: Ranks, Suits, Cards and Files Lab dates: Wednesday January 20 and Wednesday January 27, 2010 Due by Tuesday February 2 at 11:59 pm (deadline for e-mailing a zip file with your solution) Final grade percentage: 5 percent Objective: This lab is intended to familiarize you with basic program structure, data movement and execution control concepts, including: C++ header files and C++ source files, C++ STL input and output streams, C++ functions, C++ precompiler directives, basic C++ data types (including enumerations and C style and C++ style strings), and basic uses of structs To do this, you will implement a simple C++ program that can (1) read in and parse command line arguments, (2) open a file and read in strings from it, and (3) parse those strings as the definitions of cards in a standard playing deck for bridge, cribbage, poker, etc. Your program will print out what was read and parsed from the file so you can check easily that it worked correctly. In subsequent lab assignments you will use these features to generate sets of cards, generate different combinations of the cards in a set, and order the different combinations according to various scoring functions. Assignment: Part I - Readings: 1. The following readings in the optional text books may be useful as reference material while working on this lab assignment, and though we'll touch on most of the issues in the next few studio sessions, selectively looking up topics and/or reading ahead (on demand as you encounter issues while working on the lab) in the text books, lecture slides, and studio exercises is encouraged: C++ data representation, storage, and movement: Prata pp. 65-143, 424-437, 858-872, 951- 1032, 878-889, 910-913; Deitel pp. 68-102, 283-303, 323-328, 645-673, 716-721, 756-772, 930-942, 1009-1010(correction) C++ execution control: Prata pp. 177-278; Deitel pp. 112-123, 164-169, 174-187(correction) C++ functions: Prata pp. 279-340, 362-365; Deitel pp. 208-262(correction) 2. The output stream, C++ string class, and input and output stringstream examples in the C++ Data and I/O lecture slides also may be helpful when implementing parts this lab.
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3. Please read the following CSE 332 Programming Guidelines which are relevant to this lab, and please follow them as you implement your solution: A.1-A.6, A.9-A.11, A.17, B.7, B.9, B.13, B.15, B.16, B.20-B.23, B.25, B.30, B.33, B.34, C.1-C.4 and C.6-C.9. Part II - Program Design and Implementation: 4. Open up Visual Studio, and create a new Win32 Console Application Visual C++ project for lab 1. 5. In the header file and a source files that were created in your project (and if you'd like to add additional header and source files feel free to do so), you will declare and define (respectively) the functions, structs, and other features of your program as you implement this assignment. As you develop your code, please use good modularity: for example, if a function's logic has several separable parts (or is long enough to fill the editor's window) you
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EtP8mMW5.htm.part - CSE 332 Lab 1: Ranks, Suits, Cards and...

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