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Engineering xercises 2. Suppose a find operation is done at node P in the tree in Exercises 1. Consider the tree from the partition data structure that is shown below. Based on the definitions on page 5, which problem 1. What level do the nodes on the find path now belong to? Node A still belongs to level 1, nodes I,M,O and P are all now on level 3 oes the find operation affect the level of any other node? pg , nodes are on level 1, which are on level 2 and which are on level 3? Which nodes are singular? Does the find operation affect the level of any other node? No, since nodes not on the find path have the same parent they had before. 3. Which blocks in level 1 intersect block(2,2)? lock(2 2) starts at 2 [2] =16 and runs up to 2 [3] – =2 16 a 5 Block(2,2) starts at 2 16 and runs up to 2 12 1. 16=2 4 is the start of block(1,4) and 2 16 –1 is the last value in block(1,15), so block(2,2) intersects 12 blocks in level 1. 4. Explain why
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