exam review 1 - MIDTERM 1 REVIEW SHEET - KEY Spring 2009...

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MIDTERM 1 REVIEW SHEET -- KEY Spring 2009 INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN NUTRITION 1. Why is nutrition important? 2. Define the following terms: Nutrient: things the body needs in order to live Macronutrient : protein, carbs, fats Micronutrient: vitamins, minerals Phytochemical : chemicals found in plants that could have health bonus Calorie/kilocalorie: the energy required to raise 1l of water 1 degree celcius Organic compounds: protein, carbs, fats Inorganic compounds: vitamins. minerals 3. What is a healthful diet? Define four characteristics of a healthful diet. Variety, balanced, adequate, moderation 4. Define the following, and state how each value is determined and its purpose: Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI): all of these things Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) : what 50% of people require Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): 97.5% of allowances required for healthy people Adequate Intake (AI): you should at least consume this Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL): you should not consume more than this Estimated Energy Requirement (EER): what one person needs Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges (AMDR): acceptable ranges of distribution for macronutrients 5. Explain each of the following types of studies used in nutrition researches: 1. Micronutrients 2. Macronutrients 1A. Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) 1B. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) 1C. Adequate Intake (AI) 2 A. Estimated Energy Requirement (EER) 2B. Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges (AMDR) Dietary Reference Intake (DRI)
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Definition Limitation Cohort Studies Study pop Human Intervention Trials Ask to take something Clinical and Human Trials
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exam review 1 - MIDTERM 1 REVIEW SHEET - KEY Spring 2009...

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