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UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration APS 425 Professor G. William Schwert Advanced Managerial Data Analysis CS3-110L, 585-275-2470 Winter 2010 Fax: 585-461-5475 email: schwert@schwert.simon.rochester.edu Midterm Exam Data Files: 2010 1. University Quality and Endowment Data (Endowment.WF1 and endowment.xlsx) The Excel spreadsheet Endowment.XLSX contains data for 80 US Universities. There are several types of attributes for each University, including measures of student quality, measures of faculty quality (and compensation), and measures of endowment, library resources. Variable Rank Endowment Rank School Name of School Endowment 2006 Endowment Return 2006 Return on endowment Category Type of School [1 = Research University, 2 = Masters Institutions] Faculty Salaries Professor Average salaries of Full Professors Associate Average salaries of Associate Professors Assistant Average salaries of Assistant Professors Library Resources (2005) Volumes in library Number of books, journals, etc. in the libraries Current serials Subscriptions to Journals, magazines, etc. Total expenditures Libraries' budget Nat'l Merit Scholarships (2005) Total NMS Total number of freshman entering each school who received National Merit Scholarships
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This note was uploaded on 03/03/2010 for the course APS 425 taught by Professor Schwert during the Spring '10 term at Rochester.

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a425_midterm_data10 - UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER William E....

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