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CHEM 240_2010S - C H E M CHEM 240 LAB SPRING 2010...

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I NSTRUCTOR : P ROF . B RAJA K. M ANDAL Office: 328 LS Ph: 312-567-3446 (E-mail: [email protected]) O FFICE H OURS : Mondays and Wednesdays (1-3 PM) and by appointment. T EACHING A SST : Qiang Ma (E-mail: @iit.edu) L AB S CHEDULE : Lecture (Monday): 11:25 AM-12:40 PM Lab-1 (Monday): 5:00 PM-9:05 PM Lab-2 (Tuesday): 5:00 PM-9:05 PM Lab-3 (Wednesday): 8:35 AM-12:40 PM T EXT : None. O BJECTIVES : Provide students with imaginative laboratory experiences that illustrate the principles discussed in lectures and enhancing conceptual and writing skills. A TTENDANCE : Prompt and regular attendance is essential, because there will be no make-up labs. In order to pass the class, no more than ONE absence from lab is permitted. Attendance at group activities is mandatory . G RADING : The table below gives an approximate breakdown of the distribution of points. Item Frequency Score Pre-lab Assignments Best ten @ 10 100 Lab Reports Best ten @ 25 250 Lab Questions Best ten @ 15 150 Group presentation One 100 Total 600 Grades : A (90–100%), B (80–89%), C (70–79%), D (55–69%) CHEM 240 LAB, SPRING 2010 C H E M 2 4 0 L A B
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