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Homework10Solution - plasmid can be distinguished on the...

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Biol 214/414 Homework #10 Due 10-30-09 Solution What are three features of a plasmid vector that allow it to function in recombinant DNA work? Briefly explain the function of each of the features you list. 1. An origin of replication, so that the vector and recombinant versions of it (that is, vector plus insert) can be replicated in a host cell. 2. A “polylinker” or “multiple cloning site” to serve as a location at which the vector can be opened with any one of a number of restriction enzymes and an insert (produced by cleavage with the same restriction enzyme) can be inserted. 3. A gene encoding resistance to an antibiotic so that cells which have picked up a
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Unformatted text preview: plasmid can be distinguished on the basis of their resistance to that antibiotic. 4. A second “selectable marker” (that is, gene) which contains the polylinker and can be inactivated by insertion of the insert, thereby allowing a plasmid which contains an insert to be distinguished by the absence of the phenotype produced by that selectable marker. 5. “Expression vectors” have additional features (“promoters”) that allow high level expression of genes in the insert. 6. “Shuttle vectors” have an additional origin of replication to allow replication of the plasmid in a second type of host cell....
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