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CHEM 237 Lab Fall 2009 Objective In this experiment, an unknown solid compound will be recrystallized, and melting point of the solid will be measured. The melting point will be used to identify the unknown compound. A slurry of the unknown compound in water will be heated to reflux, and the resulting clear solution will be cooled in an ice-bath. The solid precipitated will be collected and checked for the melting point. Purity of the unknown compound will be determined based on the melting point. 5 10 Reagents Acetanilide 15 Phenacetin Water Apparatus Round bottom flask (RBF) 20 25 Reflux condenser Magnetic bar (egg shape) Vacuum Pump Heating mantle Melting point apparatus Capillary tube Voltaic Thermoadjuster Graduate Cylinder Theory 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 Measurement of melting point is a quick and easy method to check the purity and identity of a solid compound. Melting point of a substance is a temperature range at which the solid begins to melt and completely becomes a liquid. A pure solid gives
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