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CHEM 237 Lab Fall 2009 Objective In this experiment, the components in an equimolar mixture of dichloromethane (DCM) and toluene will be separated by simple distillation based on difference in their boiling points. Boiling point of more volatile DCM will be determined by placing a thermometer in the vapors. The efficiency of separation will be evaluated by checking purity and quantity of DCM collected in a receiving flask by distillation. A simple thin layer chromatography (TLC) test using UV light will be performed to check impurity (toluene) present in the fraction of DCM. 5 10 Reagents 15 Dichloromethane Toluene Apparatus Round bottom flask (RBF) 20 25 30 Column condenser Distillation adapter Thermometer adapter Thermometer Magnetic bar (egg shape) TLC plate UV lamp Heating mantle Voltaic Thermoadjuster Graduate Cylinder Micropipette Theory Distillation is one of the most useful techniques that can be used to separate a mixture of liquid compounds or purify an organic liquid compound. A
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