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Multiple choice questions 1. A carbon-hydrogen bond in ethane (CH 3 CH 3 ) is best described a __________. A) highly polar B) essentially nonpolar C) ionic D) a multiple bond E) resonance stabilized 2. When methanol (CH 3 OH) acts as a base, its conjugate acid is __________. A) - CH 2 OH B) CH 3 O - C) CH 4 OH D) CH 3 OH 2 + E) CH 4 O + 3. The hydroxide ion (HO - ) cannot function well as which of the following? A) a Bronsted-Lowry base B) a Lewis base C) a nucleophile D) an electron-pair acceptor E) a proton acceptor 4. According to the Lewis definition, which of the following may act as acids? A) NH 3 B) HCl C) AlCl 3 D) A & B E) A, B, & C 5. According to the following pKa values listed for a set of acids, which would lead to the strongest conjugate base? A) -2 B) 1 C) 7 D) 25 E) 50 6. The synthetic steroid RU-486 is shown below. How many pi bonds does RU-486 contain?
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i) 7 ii) 8 iii) 6 iv) 9 7. Which one of the molecules shown below has no net molecular dipole moment? A) CH 3 Cl B) H 2 C=CH 2 C) CH 2 O D) CH 2 Cl 2 E) CH 3 OH 8. Which of the following functional groups is not present in the HIV protease inhibitor drug called Saquinavir? A) alcohol B) amide C) aromatic D) amine E) ketone 9. Which of the class of organic compound below contains a carbonyl group as a part of its structure? A) aldehyde
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Multiple questions - Multiple choice questions 1. A...

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