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Name: - Xiang Wang wangxian2@iit.edu - Antonis Antoniou antoant1@iit.edu - Mike Choi choimik@iit.edu Class: Physics-123 “Mechanics” TA: Ahn Experiment 1 Introductory Exercises” Date of the Experiment: January, 27 th 2003
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Objectives The objective of this lab was to find the density of aluminum cylinders based upon average length and diameter. Background The density of an object is defined as its mass over its volume. The average density is defined as: Volume Mass Density = Where Mass is the mass of the cylinder and Volume is the volume of the cylinder. In this case volume was determined by the equation: where V is the volume of a cylinder, l is the length of the cylinder and r is its radius. If the cylinders are made of the same alloy, then the density should be the same for each, regardless of the mass and length. Equipment - 3 aluminum rods of varying length and diameter - Caliper (measuring in mm) - Scale (measuring in grams) - Calculator Data Rod number Volume (cm 3 ) Mass (g) Density (g/cm 3 ) 1 10.1788 30.2 2.967 2 5.7005 15.8 2.772 3 2.3569 9.4 3.988 Data Analysis The average density of the cylinders is calculated by the following formula: The above formula can be re-written to look like the following so that it can be easily used:
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1 physics lab - Name: - Xiang Wang wangxian2@iit.edu -...

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