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Physics 123 Prof. L.K. Spentzouris Fall 2009 Here are the URLs that we will be using in the course. The URL for Blackboard is http://blackboard.iit.edu / The URL for SmartWork is http://smartwork.wwnorton.com/ Use the URL above to get to the SmartWork site for the on-line homework system. In order to enroll in the SmartWork course, you need the following: 1.) A valid email address 2.) The enrollment key for our course is OHANIAN522 (case-sensitive). 3.) A registration code. This code comes with the textbook. If you do not completely register with the registration code, once the two-week trial period is over, the SmartWork guys will take you off the system. No late homework will be accepted , so it is up to you to make sure that you have access to the on-line system. Note that sometimes the homework is due on Tuesday and sometimes it is due on Thursday. Every homework problem is worth 4 points. The tolerance on the numerical value of the answers is generally plus/minus five percent.
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Unformatted text preview: There is a student on-line help in SmartWork, this might be helpful for information on how to use scientific notation, syntax issues, and similar computer hurdles. Once you have finished your on-line homework, you must hit the ‘submit’ button, or I will not have it. Until you hit ‘submit’, you can keep working on the homework. You can try a problem as many times as you like before the due date and time. Blackboard will be used to post course information. • ‘Course information ’: Syllabus, grading guidelines, and recitation/lab info. • ‘Course documents ’: Lecture notes, example problems, and practice exams • ‘External links ’: Links to SmartWork, the phys123 lab manual, and other interesting or useful information Blackboard will also have your homework scores and test/quiz grades posted, and announcements....
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