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Amy Rice 12/3/08 AMH 2010- 1732 Written Assignment 8 1. Manifest Destiny was the name given to the idea that God meant for the U.S. to rule the land from Atlantic to Pacific. 2. In the 1820’s Americans seeking new lands for farming and cattle raising began to move into the Mexican province of Texas . 3. The Mexican War was a Training ground for The Civil War . 4. The immediate cause of the War with Mexico was the American annexation of Texas . 5-6. As a result of the war the size of the U.S. increased by a third and the political divisions widened. 7. Railroads were the catalyst for post-war industrial expansion. 8. At the heart of the deepening sectional division was slavery . 9-11. As a result of the Compromise of 1850 California was admitted to the Union as a free state, Congress passed a Fugitive Slave Act, and slave trade was outlawed in the District of Columbia. 12. As a result of the Act mentioned above, as many as 15,000 African-Americans migrated out of the country. 13-15. As a result of Stephen Douglas’ Kansas-Nebraska Act government lands set aside
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