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Written Assignment 1

Written Assignment 1 - Amy Rice AMH 2010 1732 Written...

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Amy Rice 9/3/08 AMH 2010- 1732 Written Assignment 1- The Black Legend 1. What was the Black Legend? The Black Legend was a set of ideas propagated by Spain’s enemies. These ideas were designed to turn people against Spain, making them seem both dishonest and cruel. Those behind the spread of the black Legend claimed that the Spanish were especially terrible to the Indians, stealing from them, purposely giving them deadly diseases, and not so much killing, as massacring them. Many of the awful things we hear about today that supposedly happened when the Europeans first came to America are a result of the Black Legend’s myths perpetuating through history. 2. What was the purpose of the spread of the Black Legend? The main purpose of the Black Legend was to turn more people against Spain, especially Protestants who were against Spain’s aggressive Catholicism. To the English, it also was a justifiable reason for them to strike out against the Spanish, mainly by pirating Spanish ships and raiding Spanish cities. Also, the Black Legend caused people, mostly
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