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Written Assignment 2 - Amy Rice AMH 2010 1732 Written...

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Amy Rice 9/17/08 AMH 2010- 1732 Written Assignment 2- Bacon’s Rebellion 1. What events led to Bacon’s Rebellion? There was not one single event that led to Bacon’s Rebellion; instead, there were many small things that contributed. For example, when Bacon arrived in Virginia, the community was suffering threats from drought, unfair taxing, a drop in tobacco price, and Native American raids. At this time, many people were at odds with Governor Berkeley because they blamed him for many of these things. This general air of unrest provided the perfect atmosphere for a rebellion, only waiting for someone to lead it. 2. What was at the root of Bacon’s differences with Governor Berkeley? The main difference between Bacon and Berkeley was their view on how the Native Americans should be treated. Bacon sympathized with farmers whose land had been raided by Native Americans, especially after his own farm was raided. He wanted to lead an active military campaign against the Natives, and rid the surrounding area of them.
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