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Amy Rice 12/10/08 AMH 2010- 1732 Written Assignment 9 1-2. Two attempts to preserve the Union were introduced into Congress following South Carolina’s secession. They were: a. Secession was illegal b. Not to interfere with slavery where it already existed 3. When he became President, Lincoln’s first priority was to restore the Union. 4. The war began when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. 5-7. The North had a tremendous advantage over the South in that it had a population of 22.5 million compared to the South’s 9 million, a more developed railroad system and a stronger manufacturing base. 8. Gen. Scott’s plan to strangle the South was called the Anaconda Plan. 9. The first battle of the war took place at Fredericksburg in Virginia. 10. At Shiloh Gen Grant defeated Gens. Johnston and Beauregard. 11. After the battle the Union controlled the Mississippi River as far south as Memphis. 12. The new riffle
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