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Written Assignment 3 - In many ways Mary Kay Ash...

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Amy Rice 10/1/08 AMH 2010- 1732 Written Assignment 3- Eliza Lucas When Eliza Lucas was only sixteen years old, her father left her in charge of all three of his plantation. This was a very unusual thing for him to do, especially in the eighteen hundreds when young women were supposed to think about marriage, not business and management. However, the plantations thrived under Eliza’s management, and she even brought a new plant, indigo, which is valuable for the blue dye made form it. Even though Eliza Lucas was very busy with things like planting and selling crops, she managed to find time for more traditional things, such as playing the piano and attending tea parties. Eventually, Eliza Lucas married longtime family friend Charles Pinckney. Once married, Eliza turned her enormous energy and attention to more traditional female tasks, such as raising her five children and making sure they received a good education.
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Unformatted text preview: In many ways, Mary Kay Ash, businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, is similar to Eliza Lucas. Mary Kay Ash worked for nearly thirty years as a salesperson and trainer for several companies. However, the later retired after the company she worked for passed over her and promoted a less-qualified man. This experience prompted her to write a book to help women working in business. She later used her vast experience in the business world to start her own company, Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay is considered one of the leading female entrepreneurs in history. Like Eliza Lucas, Mary Kay Ash succeeded in the business world despite the fact that no one thought she could do it. In many ways, part of Mary Kay’s success can be compared to that of Eliza Lucas, who was probably also the first female entrepreneur of her time....
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