Homework Assignment #6

Homework Assignment #6 - Amy Rice BSC 2010L 10/16/08...

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Amy Rice BSC 2010L 10/16/08 Homework Assignment #6 Respiration and Fermentation (Lab 6) I. Fermentation by Yeast 1. Glycolysis, the first step of aerobic respiration, is also part of the fermentation process. 2. Three end products of yeast fermentation are ATP, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), and ethyl alcohol (CH 3 CH 2 OH). 3. 4. Carbon dioxide gas (CO 2 ) is produced by yeast fermentation. 5. Fermentation allows yeast to survive and produce energy even when no oxygen is present. This means that yeast can survive in almost any atmosphere or environment. 6. Both the sucrose and glucose solutions produced about the same amount of gas, and the most of it. This is because glucose doesn’t need to be changed in any way to be converted to energy, and the sucrose only needs to be broken down into two glucose molecules to be used. Starch, on the other hand, needs to be broken many times before it is in the usable form of glucose molecules. The only reason that the water had any gas produced was because a small amount of glucose was added initially to
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Homework Assignment #6 - Amy Rice BSC 2010L 10/16/08...

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