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Amy Rice BSC 2010L 9/18/08 Homework Assignment #3 The Microscope and the Cell (Lab 3) 1) Microscope Type Energy Type Reflected or Transmitted Resolution Maximum Magnification Stereomicroscope Visible light waves Can be either 0.1 mm 50x Compound Light Microscope Visible light waves Transmitted 0.1 micrometer 1,500x Scanning Electron Microscope Focused electron beam Reflected 2.0 nm 100,000x Transmission Electron Microscope Focused electron beam Transmitted 2.0 nm 100,000x 2) If the ocular magnification were 10x and the objective lens magnification were 20x, the overall magnification would be 200x . If the objective lens magnification were increased to 50x, the overall magnification would be 500x . 3) Specimen Prokaryotic/ Eukaryotic Plant/Animal Organelles Visible Magnificati on Used Yogurt
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Unformatted text preview: Bacteria Prokaryote N/A (bacteria) None 400x Anabaena Prokaryote N/A None 400x Elodea Eukaryote Plant Chloroplast, cell wall, central vacuole. 400x Onion Eukaryote Plant Nucleus 400x Cheek Epithelium Eukaryote Animal Nucleus 400x Euglena Eukaryote Neither (Protista) Nucleus, chloroplast 400x 4) I would expect to find the following organelles in certain specific cells: Mitochondria- All Eukaryotic cells viewed Central Vacuoles- Elodea and Onion Lysosomes- Cheek Epithelium Chloroplasts- Elodea and Euglena (even though the onion cells come from a plant, I wouldn’t expect the cells we viewed to have any chloroplasts because they don’t come from the part of the plant responsible for photosynthesis.)...
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