Homework Assignment #1

Homework Assignment #1 - Snow noted that a majority of the...

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Amy Rice BSC 2010L 9/11/08 Homework Assignment #1 John Snow (1813-1858) is best known as the father of modern epidemiology, and for his extensive study on the spread of Cholera. Many people had attempted to answer the question about how Cholera was spread. At the time, it was widely believed to be spread by inhaling contaminated air. John Snow, however, came up with his on hypothesis; he attributed the disease’s spread to people drinking from contaminated water. It wasn’t until 1854, when there was another Cholera outbreak in London, that John Snow was really able to test his hypothesis. The first thing that he did was to make a map locating where Cholera-related deaths had occurred. He also noted where different households got their drinking water. At that time, there were only two companies that supplied drinking water to the city; on company collected their water upstream from the city, and the other collected it downstream. After analyzing the data he collected, John
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Unformatted text preview: Snow noted that a majority of the people who contracted Cholera drank water that came from downstream. The data certainly seemed to fit well with his hypothesis. The next logical step was to ask another question: why did the water downstream seem more like to spread Cholera than the water from upstream? His conclusion was that the drinking water had become contaminated by sewage being dumped into the river. Even now, over 100 years later, it is easy to see that John Snow’s investigation into the cause of Cholera followed the scientific method taught today. He first observed the spread of Cholera, then formulated a question about it. Next, he came up with a hypothesis, and ways to test it. After collecting his data, he came to a logical conclusion, one that still holds true today. Sites: http://www.csiss.org/classics/content/8 http://courses.sph.unc.edu/john_snow/prologue.htm...
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Homework Assignment #1 - Snow noted that a majority of the...

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