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BSC2010 - Biology 1 Lecture Objectives for Examination #1 Dr. Jack Gartner th Edition Chapter 1 – EXPLORING LIFE - Know the following terms: science, biology , cell, metabolism , homeostasis, environment, evolution, adaptation. - Know the hierarchy of emergent properties from molecule to tissue, along with a brief definition for each level. - Be able to list and discuss the basic characteristics of life. - Be able to define feedback and know the differences between positive and negative feedback. Chapter 2 THE CHEMICAL CONTEXT OF LIFE - Know the following terms: matter, mass, weight, molecule, compound, proton, neutron, electron, ion, anion, cation, atomic number, atomic mass, isotope, Octet Rule (Rule of 8) - Know the difference between chemical symbol, molecular formula, structural formula and molecular model. - For the first three rows of the Periodic Table of the Elements, be able to explain how the electron shells are arranged . - Know how to identify the number of possible covalent bonds an element from the first three rows
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Bio1Exam1ObjectivesCampbell7ED - BSC2010 - Biology 1...

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