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NAME ____________________ BSC2010 Biology 1 - Examination #2 Dr. Jack Gartner SAMPLE Section I. Multiple Choice . Select the letter of the most appropriate response to each question. (50 points total). 1. The current model for how an enzyme and substrate temporarily fit together is called (the) a. lock-and-key b. enzyme-substrate complex c. fluid mosaic d. induced fit 2. Which of the following is a characteristic of a CAM plant? a. processes CO 2 at low levels in special tissues b. lives in cool, shady environments c. produces food by a different cyclic pathway than Calvin cycle d. stomata are always closed during the day 3. The proton pump pumps protons a. OUT OF the stroma and OUT OF the matrix b. OUT OF the stroma and INTO the matrix c. INTO the stroma and INTO the matrix d. INTO the stroma and OUT OF the matrix 4. Like all ducks, the guard duck in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine has 80 chromosomes in each of his somatic cells. When one of his cells undergoes mitosis and cytokinesis, the end result is a. 4 cells, each with 40 chromosomes b. 2 cells, each with 80 chromosomes c. 1 cell with 160 chromosomes d. 2 cells, each with 40 sets of sister chromatids 5. Pumps that generate a voltage potential at a membrane are referred to as a. ionic b. electrogenic c. endergonic d. energetic 6. The endomembrane construction of the cell and organelles makes all of the following types of transport possible except a. phagocytosis b. receptor mediated endocytosis c. exocytosis d. osmosis 7. There are enzymes which have multiple active sites for the same substrate, in which the activation of one site activates all. This is called enzyme a. feedback b. cascade c. cooperativity d. triggering 8. Which of the following would be a correct statement about a sheet of metal painted pure black and
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laid out under the noonday sun? a. One observes the presence of all colors b. It is absorbing very little energy c. You need to shield your eyes from all of the reflected light d. The sheet will rapidly grow very hot 9. Which of the list below would not be associated with the Calvin-Benson cycle?
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Bio1Exam2SAMPLE - NAME BSC2010 Biology 1 Examination#2 Dr...

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