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Biology 1 - Cellular Processes Examination #2 - Essay Study Sheet - Dr. Jack Gartner NOTE: If the question asks for a brief description or mention of something, that part of the answer can be a few words to one or two sentences at most. If you are asked to discuss or fully describe something, then provide as complete an account as possible! - If you use specialized terms or abbreviations, BE SURE that you explain them the first time you use them! 1). Membranes play an important role in cell structure and function. They not only form a semipermeable structure for the cells interaction with the environment, they also form important parts of many eukaryotic organelles. - Describe the basic composition of a membrane and discuss why this construction is referred to as the “fluid mosaic model”. List and fully describe the major components of a cell membrane and their general functions. - Transport across the membrane is critical to cells. Define the terms passive transport and active transport. - Select ONE
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Bio1EssayExam2F08 - Biology 1 - Cellular Processes...

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