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Biology 1 - Examination #3 - Essay Study Sheet - Dr. Jack Gartner NOTE: If the question asks for a brief description or mention of something, that part of the answer can be a few words to one or two sentences at most. If you are asked to discuss or fully describe something, then provide as complete an account as possible! - If you use specialized terms or abbreviations, BE SURE that you explain them the first time you use them! 1). Meiosis, also known as double division or reduction division, is a process that has allowed tremendous genetic variation among sexually reproducing organisms. List and briefly define the two main types of reproduction Describe in detail the process of synapsis and crossing over. You may use diagrams to illustrate your point, but your answer CANNOT consist solely of diagrams! What is so significant about crossing over? For an imaginary cell with a diploid chromosome number of 8 (2 n =8), give the cell number and genetic component (i.e. chromosome number and structure) at the following stages of meiosis: immediately preceding prophase I, end of meiosis I, end of meiosis II . In other words, you do not have to describe what is happening, you simply have to indicate the nature of the chromosome structure (chromatids, chromosomes, etc.) and how many there are at each of the stages listed.
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Bio1EssayExam3F08 - Biology 1 - Examination #3 - Essay...

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