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Amy Rice Written Assignment 4 1. Identify: a. Daniel Sylvus- Daniel Sylvus was the man who founded the first union, the National Labor Union, in 1866. b. Terrence Powderly- Terrence Powderly was a leader of the Knights of Labor. Under his leadership, the Knights of Labor grew to over 700,000 members. c. Samuel Gompers- Samuel Gompers founded the American Federation of Labor in 1886, and was the president of it for many years. 2. List three “pure labor” issues. 1) Better wages 2) Shorter hours 3) Conditions of employment 3. List four examples of political change advocated by various unions. 1) Eight hour workdays- National Labor Union 2) Ending Child Labor- Knights of Labor 3) Graduated Income tax- Knights of Labor 4) Ending convict contract labor- Knights of Labor
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Explain why the American Federation of Labor succeeded when other unions failed . Unlike other labor unions, the American Federation of Labor only advocated pure labor issues- wages, hours, and conditions of employment. Other unions advocated for all sorts of deviants from those pure labor issues, anything from graduated income tax to socialization. In addition to this, the American Federation of Labor worked with the political leaders of the time, instead of fighting against them. The American federation of Labor chose its battles carefully, only fighting over things concerning pure labor issues. This helped them succeed where other unions failed miserably....
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