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Take-it-at-Home Test Twenties and Thirties Name: Amy Rice Date : 4/15/08 Time: 9:25-10:40 1. List three problems that faced the economy immediately following the war a. Orders for war supplies were cancelled resulting in lay-offs b. The military reduced from 5 million to peacetime levels putting over 4 million into the job market. c. Farmers also had to cut back production to peacetime levels. 2. The term “The Great Migration” referred to Blacks moving north . 3. The largest African American city within a city was Harlem . 4. In 1919 Police went on strike in Boston. 5. The fear of bombs swept the country following World War I. 6. On September 16, 1920 a bomb exploded in front of The New York Stock Exchange killing 30 people and wounding hundreds. 7. In 1919 and 1920 Attorney General Mitchell Palmer led raids against the Communist Party USA, various socialist groups and the Industrial Workers of the World. 8. Warren Harding won the presidential election of 1920. 9. The Teapot Dome Scandal involved Albert B. Fall, who was sent to prison for accepting $360,000 in bribes for transferring U.S. naval oil reserves in Wyoming to oil operators in exchange for above ground petroleum storage. 10. List four things Americans of the 1920’s were the first to do. a. exact size ready made clothes b. electric phonographs c. electric vacuum cleaners d. commercial radio broadcasts 11. Henry Ford’s introduction of the assembly line to automobile production revolutionized not only the automobile industry but American industry in general. 12. Briefly describe Henry Ford’s business philosophy. (3 points) mass production = lower costs > more products sold > lower prices + higher wages + shorter hours = more leisure time, more money to spend on products. Meaning: When something is mass produced the cost (of production and for the
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Take Home Test - Take-it-at-Home Test Twenties and Thirties...

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