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Amy rice Extra Credit Assignment: the Pullman Strike Read the Pullman Strike and answer the following: A. Identify (1 point each) 1. Founder of the American Railway Union Gene Debs . 2. Leader of the women workers in the Pullman shops Jennie Curtis . 3. President Grover Cleveland’s Attorney General Richard Olney . 4. Governor of Illinois who protested the use of federal troops to break the strike John Peter Altgeld . 5. Debs ran for president as a member of the Socialist Party. B. Answer the following: (5 points each) 1. Why did the Pullman workers strike? The Pullman workers went on strike for many reasons. First of all, their wages were being severely decreased, while the cost of living was increasing. Also, lots of people
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Unformatted text preview: were being laid-off. 2. Describe the tactics of the General Managers Association. Why were these tactic effective? One tactic the General Managers Association used was to bring the government in on their side. To do this, they hooked the Pullman cars to the Mail train. When the American Railway Union wouldn’t work on the mail cars, it would affect the government, bringing them over to the side of the General Managers Association. 3. What was the outcome of the strike? Despite the efforts of the American Railway Union and the strikers at Pullman, the boycott collapsed and the unions were utterly defeated....
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