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Amy Rice 3/18/08 Read “The Fight of the Century”, and answer the following: 1. Briefly identify the following: a. Jack Johnson – 1 st black heavyweight champion b. Jim Jeffries – white heavyweight champion in 1899. hadn’t even been knocked off his feet by 1905. c. Tex Rickard – promoter/financer of the “Fight of the Century” d. William S. Bennett – chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee and a lay leader in the Presbyterian Church of America e. “white hopes” – white boxers who tried to fight Johnson, but failed 2. Describe parts of this story that reflect the reform mood of the time. A few different quotes from the story reflect the reform mood of the time. “As soon as the fight was announced a cry went up from reformers across the country to stop the fight.” “On the other hand, they liked the idea of a black man defending his championship against all comers.” These are just two of the many. 3. Give at least five examples of the Jim Crow or racist attitudes of the time.
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