Assignment 14- Asch Effect

Assignment 14- Asch Effect - Amy Rice Psy 1012 (Sec: M1)...

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Amy Rice Psy 1012 (Sec: M1) Dr. Haynes 04/14/08 468 Words Chapter 14- The Asch Effect In a study done by Solomon Asch, male college students were shown a picture of three lines, each different lengths, then asked to identify which line was the same as that on a different picture. When the students were asked individually, almost all of them got the answer right. However, when the students were in a group with other students who were deliberately giving the wrong answer, 75% of them gave in to the peer pressure of the group and agreed to the wrong answer at least once. In this study, 3/4 ths of the students agreed to a clearly incorrect answer, just because their peers said it was correct! This really highlights the idea of peer pressure. Peer pressure is something that everyone will experience numerous times in their lives; from young children choosing a favorite TV show, all the way through adults buying a car because it is “cool”, peer pressure pervades our everyday lives. As the study by Solomon Asch showed, some people will go against their better
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Assignment 14- Asch Effect - Amy Rice Psy 1012 (Sec: M1)...

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