Assignment 6- Learning Styles

Assignment 6- Learning Styles - pretty helpful. The site...

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Amy Rice Psy 1012 (Sec: M1) Dr. Haynes 02/29/08 258 Words Learning Styles According to the questionnaire on the VARK learning styles website, I learn best by reading and writing. I have taken a few other learning style tests similar to this one for some of my other classes, and have had similar results every time. This leads me to believe that the tests are somewhat accurate. However, I don’t really think that it is possible to discern someone’s learning type from just sixteen questions. In addition to this, it is my belief that not everyone has one specific learning type. For example, I learn well by reading the text and taking notes (which are characteristics of a visual learner), but I also learn just as well by hands-on methods such as looking at models and making study games out of the material. In general though, the learning styles test seems to be
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Unformatted text preview: pretty helpful. The site mentioned a lot of study ideas that I think would work well for me. I think that my learning style has strong roots in my behaviors as a child. I used to read an exceptional amount; I think that this has influenced me a lot as far as visual learning goes. From an early age, I learned to remember things that I saw on a page much more vividly than what I heard or even experienced. In addition to this, my mom is definitely a visual learner, so I think some of her study habits have carried over to me (especially considering she taught me for the many years that I was home schooled). Source: Fleming, Neil. VARK. 29 Feb 2008 <>....
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Assignment 6- Learning Styles - pretty helpful. The site...

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