Bhopal Disaster

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Unformatted text preview: Bhopal Disaster Union Carbide Chemical Plant in Bhopal Jacques Ouellet & Ferri Hassani 3/29/2005 Bhopal 1 Events On December 1984 Because of low standards, poor design, poor maintenance and absence of emergency plan a massive gas cloud was released traveling downwind for up to 8 km from the plant (40 tons of MIC released). 3/29/2005 Bhopal 2 1 Facts A subsidiary company of Union Carbide (UCIL) was operating a chemical plant in Bhopal, India. Plant was producing pesticides in support to India's Green plan aiming at improving food production. Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) was used in the formulation of pesticides. 3/29/2005 Bhopal 3 Events Gas cloud was released traveling downwind for up to 8 km from the plant (40 tons of MIC released) in December 1984. 4 000 people killed estimated 400 000 people injured all cattle, animals and plant were killed or affected within kilometers from the site. 3/29/2005 Bhopal 4 2 Facts Union Carbide made an out of court settlement with Indian Government for 470 M$ Warning: Some images from the next video may be shocking. 3/29/2005 Bhopal 5 Summary To this day very little compensation has been distributed to victims Legal international status of Private Corporation still unregulated for the most part. International situation still maintain a climate potentially dangerous 3/29/2005 Bhopal 6 3 Summary Legal litigations still pending Site has been left intact, no decontamination Population in the vicinity of the site are now showing signs of contamination linked to groundwater pollution from the abandoned plant 3/29/2005 Bhopal 7 4 ...
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