Engineering as Experimentation

often in engineering it is not even known what the

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Unformatted text preview: not even known what, the possible outcome may be. -Great risks may attend even seemingly benign project. Error in engineering design Artificial Intelligence!!!! Vincennes SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS A reservoir may do damage to a region's social fabric or to its ecosystem SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS An aqueduct may bring about a population explosion in a region where it is the only source of water, creating dependency and vulnerability without adequate safeguards SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS A medical scan radiation Fingerprint reader Hair dryer INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING ETHICS Definition of Engineering Ethics Engineering ethics is the study of moral values, issues and decisions involved in engineering practice. The moral values take many forms, including responsibilities, ideal character traits, social policies, and relationships desirable for individuals and corporation engaged in technological development. SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS Effective engineering relies upon knowledge gained about products both before and after they leave the factory Ongoing success in engineering depends upon gaining new knowledge,just as does ongoing success in experimentation Monitoring is thus as essential to engineering as it is to experimentation in general. The ultimate test of a products effi...
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