Engineering as Experimentation

Avoiding responsibility diminishes the engineering

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Unformatted text preview: sion. Avoiding responsibility encourages "escape goating". Codes of ethics need to be considered as Responsibility Ultimately, we hope to understand, if not answer, the following questions: Is failure an essential ingredient of engineering progress? Can methodology be developed aimed at avoiding unintended consequences? The willingness of engineers to assume responsibility for the work, Indeed, the engineers to be responsible for their work, is in fact a part of the answers to these questions. ENGINEERING AS SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION MANY CONTEMPORARY THREATS TO THE EFFORTS BY ENGINEERS TO ACT RESPONSIBLY THE OBSTACLES PLACED IN THE WAY OF THEIR RESPECTING THE PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE NEEDED FOR MAKING INFORMED DECISIONS ABOUT ENGINEERING PRODUCTS AND PROJECTS ENGINEERING AS SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION THOSE THREAT AND OBSTACLE INCLUDE; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. THE PRESSURES CAUSED BY TIME SCHEDUALES THE PRESSURES BY ORGANIZATIONAL RULES RESTRICTING FREE SPEECH THE NARROW DIVISION OF LABOR WHICH TENDS TO CAUSE MORAL"TUNNEL VISION" A PREOCCUPATION WITH LEGALITIES IN A TIME OF PROLIFERATING MALPRACTICE LAWSUITS THE HUMAN TENDENCY TO DIVORCE ONESELF FROM ONE'S ACTIONS BY PLACING ALL RESPONSIBILITY ON AN `AUTHORITY' SUCH AS ONE'S EMPLYER Issues to note a. Lack of vision, which in the form of tunnel vis...
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