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Engineering as Experimentation

Engineering tasks problems task purchasing problem

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Unformatted text preview: ING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Purchasing Problem Specifications written to favor one vendor. Bribes, kickbacks. Inadequate testing of purchased parts. Task Fabrication of parts Problem Variable quality of materials and workmanship. Bogus materials and components not detected ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Assembly/construction Problem Workplace safety. Disregard of repetitivemotion stress on workers. Poor control of toxic wastes. Task Quality control/testing Problem Not independent, but controlled by production Miss use of original design Smart building ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Advertising and sales Problem False advertising (availability, quality). Product oversold beyond client's needs or means. Task Shipping, installation, training Problem Product too large to ship by land. Installation and training subcontracted out, inadequately supervised. ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Safety measures and devices Use Problem Reliance on overly complex, failure-prone safety devices. Lack of a simp...
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