Engineering as Experimentation

Engineering as experimentation

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Unformatted text preview: Professional Practice and Occupational Health and Safety Course MIME 221 SAFTEY Absolute safety ,in the sense of a degree of safety which satisfies all individuals or groups under all condition, is neither attainable nor affordable. Professional Practice and Occupational Health ENGINEERING AS SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION Engineering Sequence Initiation of Task (Idea, specific request, or market demand) Design Concept, goals, preliminary design. Performance specifications Preliminary analysis. Detailed analysis; simulation/prototyping. Specifications for materials and components. Detailed shop drawing. Engineering Sequence Manufacture Scheduling of tasks.Purchasing components and materials.Fabrication of parts.Assembly / construction. Quality control / testing. Implementation Advertising. Sales and financing. Operating and parts manuals Shipping and installation. Operator training. Provisions for safety measures and devices. Engineering Sequence Use of the product. Field services: maintenance, repairs, spare parts Monitoring social and environmental effects. Repo...
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