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Engineering as Experimentation

Lack of a simple safety exit used inappropriately or

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Unformatted text preview: le "safety exit." Used inappropriately or for illegal applications. Overloaded. Operations manuals not ready. Task Maintenance, parts, repairs Problem Inadequate supply of spare parts. Hesitation to recall the product when found to be faulty. ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task monitoring effects of product Problem No formal procedure for following life cycle of product, its effects on society and environment. Task Recycling/disposal Problem Lack of attention to ultimate dismantling, disposal of product, public notification of hazards. ENGINEERING AS SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION ALL PRODUCT OF TECHNOLOGY PRESENTS SOME POTENTIAL DANGER ENGINEERING IS AN INHERENTLY RISKY ACTIVITY ENGINEERING AS SOCIAL EXPERIMENTATION ENGINEERING IS AN INHERENTLY RISKY ACTIVITY TO UNDERSCORE THIS FACT AND EXPLORE THE ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS ENGINEERING SHOULD BE VIEWED AS AN EXPERIMENTAL PROCESS IT IS AN EXPERIMENT ON SOCIAL SCALE INVOLVING HUMAN SUBJECTS SIMILARITIES TO STANDARD EXPERIMENTS VIEW ENGINEERING PROJECTS AS EXPERIMENTS A- Any project is carried out in partial ignorance. UNCERTAIN...
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