Engineering as Experimentation

Lack of vision which in the form of tunnel vision

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Unformatted text preview: ion biased toward traditional pursuits overlooks suitable alternatives, and in the form of groupthink (a term coined by Irving Janis) promotes acceptance at the expense of critical thinking. b. Incompetence among engineers carrying out technical tasks c. A lack of time or lack of proper materials, both ascribable to poor management. Issues to note d. A silo mentality that keeps information compartmentalized rather than shared across different departments. e. The notion that there are safety engineers somewhere down the line to catch potential problems. f. Improper use or disposal of the product by an unwary owner or user. g. Dishonesty in any activity Qualities to be achieved by an Engineer 1. Proficiency in recognizing moral problems and issues in engineering. 2. Skill in comprehending, clarifying, and assessing critically arguments on opposing sides of moral issues. Qualities to be achieved by an Engineer 3. The ability to form consistent and comprehensive viewpoints based on consideration of relevant facts. 4. Imaginative awareness of alternative responses to...
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