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Engineering as Experimentation

Reporting findings to parties at possible risk final

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Unformatted text preview: rting findings to parties at possible risk. Final Tasks Geriatric services: rebuilding, recycling. Disposal of materials and wastes. ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Conceptual design Problem Blind to new concepts. Violation of patents or trade secrets. Product to be used illegally. Task Goals; performance Problem Unrealistic assumptions. Design ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Specifications Problem depends on unavailable or untested materials Task Preliminary analysis Problem Uneven: overly detailed in designer's area of expertise, marginal elsewhere. ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Detailed analysis Problem Uncritical use of handbook data and computer programs based on unidentified methodologies. Task Simulation, prototyping Problem Testing of prototype done only under most favorable conditions or not completed. ENGINEERING TASKS / PROBLEMS Task Design specifications Problem Too tight for adjustments during manufacture and use. Design changes not carefully checked. Task Scheduling of tasks Problem Promise of unrealistic completion date based on insufficient allowance for unexpected events. ENGINEER...
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